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The origin of braai

What is the origin of the braai?

The word “braai” originated in the old Dutch colony of South Africa many years ago. It is believed that the word “braden” (to roast in Dutch) evolved over time to create the word we use today. It is difficult to find the exact etymology as the Afrikaans language, the sister language of Dutch, because is not well documented.

Nowadays, a braai is common practice for most South African households and is always a social occasion (although a braai for two can sometimes make for an excellent date night and a braai for one is a glorious thing). The atmosphere around a braai is often celebratory…birthdays, engagements, graduations, national holidays are all celebrated but the truest expression of a braai is a celebration of friends and family. It is a moment of gathering, sharing and loving around the fire with a drink in hand.

A braai can be made at any time and anyplace; however, one specific day on South Africa’s calendar is dedicated specifically to the braai. September 24th in South Africa is officially called Heritage Day but is known colloquially as Braai Day. It is a celebration of the cultural diversity of South Africa and is a unifying force in a country still dealing with the shared trauma of its tumultuous past.

Hope to see you all at Our next Braai!!!