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Our Story

Our Story

It’s well known that South Africa is a world beater when it comes to wine production; what is perhaps not as well known is the origin of the Pinotage grape, popular with connoisseurs of wine everywhere.

First of all let me introduce myself, I am Gerhard Perold, the great grandson of Abraham Izak Perold, a South African chemist and viticulturist who was  responsible for developing the Pinotage grape hybrid by crossing the French varietals Pinot Noir with Cinsault.   (This was apart from the other 177 grape varieties he introduced into South Africa!).  Abraham, who originally studied mathematics, physics and chemistry, then went on to gain his Ph.D in chemistry. On his return to South Africa from Germany and France, he eventually became the very first Professor of Viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch.

Time has seen the popularity of Pinotage rise and fall, but despite the flaws of the grape often pointed out by its critics; Pinotage has more than come into its own ever since the wind of political change in South Africa and the end of apartheid saw the opening up of the world wine markets, with Pinotage often commanding higher prices than any other South African grape.

Pinotage is now grown widely throughout the South African wine regions and it plays an important role in our wine industry, being the second most planted variety of red grape.

Today all ‘Cape blends’ of wine from deep coloured fruity wines, easy drinking ‘quaffing’ wine, rosé, barrel-aged (intended for cellaring) as well as fortified ‘port’ style and even a red sparkling wine, are now all made up of a required 30 – 70% Pinotage component

Perhaps reading a little about the history of this remarkable grape and the man who made it all possible, will give you an idea of why we at Perold Wine Cellar are so passionate about our South African wines.

I have taken my obsession with Perold’s work and made it my own life’s goal to bring not only the Pinotage but also the best of South African wines to the UK and to the world.

At Peroldwinecellar we go out of our way to provide our UK customers with a range of services including: a wine club; where members get many benefits including 6 to 12 bottles of our best wines on a seasonal basis.  Of course we also offer wine tastings, (Private, Corporate, Charity or bespoke) that great social adventure allowing participants to enjoy a variety of wines on offer as well as gaining more in-depth knowledge of each blend.  Wine tours are always a great favourite, plus we can organise celebration events, weddings and so much more.

Why not visit our Shop Uk page and learn more about our wines and savour the taste of the many varieties on offer.

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