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  • Benguela Cove Collage Blend 2015
    Sour raspberries picks up deep fruit flavours in the wine, while the smoky elements help personify a cherry cigar box aroma on the nose.


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  • Saluez-Le-Saboteur-Made-By-Loodites
    Saboteur 2018 White Blend
    White peaches, chalky, litchi, cinnamon spice and citrus blossom. On the palate Citrus bonbons with a textured mid pallet of ripe green plums & naartjie.


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  • Tanagra-Cabernet-Franc-Vintage-2016
    Tanagra Cabernet Franc 2015/16
    Dark & intense purple colour. Expect a symphony of raspberries, cassis, violets and hints of pepper. 

    Tanagra Cabernet Franc 2015/16
    Tanagra Cabernet Franc 2015/16


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  • Tanagra-Heavenly-Chaos-Vintage-2017-B
    Tanagra Heavenly Chaos 2017
    Blue & black berries with a slightly herbal afternote, hints of eucalyptus and violet. Deliciously smooth and soft tannins.


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