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  • Grapefruit peels, custard creams and icing sugar followed by nutmeg and vanilla sugar. On the palate, Soft and well-rounded with continued vanilla cream and fresh fruits, pear & banana.

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  • Benguela-Cove-Walker-Bay-Chardonnay
    Benguela Cove Chardonnay 2018
    Confident and stylish, Potpouri, cinnamon, pepper, hints of olive tapenade and a light perfume of sandalwood.


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  • Benguela-Cove---Pinot-Noir---2018
    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018
    Upfront red fruits, mulberry, rosehip and violets. This wine will unveil a more savoury play of bay leaf and thyme, hinting towards an Old Word style.

    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018

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  • The award-winning wines are created from grapes grown on ancient soils. 4 La Famille wines. Pre-Order Case of 4 wines

    Mischa Pre Order La Famille Case

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  • The award-winning wines are created from grapes grown on ancient soils. 2 Estate & 4 La Famille wines. Pre-Order Case of 6

    Mischa Pre Order Mix Case

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  • A special mix case of 6 wines to introduce you to our new wines, hot off the boat.

    New Arrivals Mix Case of 6

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  • Dekkers-Valley-Seraphic-2016
    Dekker’s Valley Seraphic 2016
    Floral hints of peach and apricot blossom on the nose from the aromatic to apple crispness on the initial palate, following through to the full ripeness of Canteloup melon.


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  • Painted-Wolf-The-Den-Pinotage-2018
    Den Pinotage
    Medium to full bodied with a smorgasbord of bright red and black summer berries, savoury spice and toasty wood flavours, leading to a nicely poised finish.

    Den Pinotage

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  • 6 truly unique hand-picked wines. Expect a journey into a whole new world of  South African wine. No two bottles included are the same, so you can discover 6 completely new wines recommended by our Customers.

    Discover South Africa Mixed Case of 6

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  • Sale!

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  • Amber uses Fynbos from two coastal regions of South Africa, each of which bringing it's own spicy accent. Interestingly, there is a dramatic colour change between Gin Amber & Gin Verdant, hinting at the massive diversity of plants, roots and herbs...

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  • The Fynbos Inverroche uses in their Classic Gin is specifically derived from the Limestone area Fynbos. The predominant flavours in this Fynbos are citrus lead, with a subtle floral character. On the nose, there is a very green, almost grassy...

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