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  • Benguela-Cove-Walker-Bay-Bottle-Fermented-Joie-de-Vivre-Vintage-2014-Brut
    2014 Benguela Cove Joie De Vivre Brut MCC
    Perfume and berry aromas followed by notes of nougat and brioche, while the palate is seductively fresh and focused with lingering mineral tones.


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  • Fresh citrus forward, juniper, floral on the nose, citrus merging into mid of rich florals on the palate with a long and smooth with a slight minerality.
    A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin


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  • Rich and  fragrant, gentle spice on the nose & a complex, Swahili lime and sweet ginger palate with a long and mellow with a slight hint of tea on the finish.
    A Mari indian Ocean Gin


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  • Grapefruit peels, custard creams and icing sugar followed by nutmeg and vanilla sugar. On the palate, Soft and well-rounded with continued vanilla cream and fresh fruits, pear & banana.


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  • Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon
    Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon
    Aromas of red fruit, pine needles and fynbos, with nuances of black olives. Fruit sweetness is accompanied by bold structure and tannins.


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  • Benguela-Cove-Walker-Bay-Chardonnay
    Benguela Cove Chardonnay
    Confident and stylish, Potpouri, cinnamon, pepper, hints of olive tapenade and a light perfume of sandalwood.



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  • Benguela Cove Collage Blend
    Sour raspberries picks up deep fruit flavours in the wine, while the smoky elements help personify a cherry cigar box aroma on the nose.



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  • Benguela Cove Cuvee 58
    Aromas of candied apple, pear and sweet grass that comes to life when the fine mousse explodes on the surface.


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  • Benguela-Cove---Pinot-Noir---2018
    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018
    Upfront red fruits, mulberry, rosehip and violets. This wine will unveil a more savoury play of bay leaf and thyme, hinting towards an Old Word style.

    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018


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  • Mischa  Accordance
    That first kiss the senses of smell are rich aromas of ripe plum and mulberry, with a seamless mid-pallet. Dark berries, plums and cedar wood accompany the fruity tannins.



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  • Mischa  La Famille Cabernet Sauvignon
    Flavours of plum, dried fruit and subtle oak notes are accompanied by a fresh acidity

    Mischa  La Famille Cabernet Sauvignon


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  • The award-winning wines are created from grapes grown on ancient soils. 4 La Famille wines. Pre-Order Case of 4 wines

    Mischa  La Famille Case


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