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  • Tanagra-Shiraz-Vintage-2015
    Tanagra Shiraz 2017
    Rich fruit and earthy spice yet elegant wine with excellent structure. Rich and long lasting finish with gentle ripe tannin.

    Tanagra Shiraz 2017
    Tanagra Shiraz 2017


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  • The Bees Knees Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine 0.0%
    Fermented sparkling grape juice and premium green tea infusion.


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  • It is a finely balanced combination of fermented sparkling grape juice and premium green tea infusion, producing a delightfully refreshing drink, with a generous head of bubbles.


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  • The Berry Box White 2016
    Aromas and flavours of tropical fruits, including litchi, papaya and granadilla. Fresh green leafy flavours that will mature into honeyed, waxy flavours as the wine evolves.

    The Berry Box White 2016


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  • The den, Pinotage Rosé 2019
    A bright, fruity wine with strawberry, cherry and cranberry flavours, a gentle, underlying mineralogy and a fresh lingering finish.

    The den, Pinotage Rosé 2019

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  • The Mentors  Limited Edition  Petit Sirah 2018
    Blackberries, freshly ground black pepper and plums with hints of lavender, blueberries and vanilla.



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  • The Mentors  Limited Edition Carménère 2017
    Fresh raspberry, cumin and green peppercorn with hints of plum and vanilla. Fresh, soft integrated tannins due to judicious use of oak, on the palate, the wine is succulent, soft and juicy.

    The Mentors  Limited Edition Carménère 2017


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  • The-Pack-Penny-Viognier-2018
    Exotic bouquet, ripe peach, jasmin tea and vanilla cream. This Viognier has lots of flavour and a long, poised finish.


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  • Two Oceans Pinot Grigio 2019
    Crisp, zesty with floral notes and aromas of dried apricot, peach and lychee.


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  • Two Oceans Pinotage
    Plums and wild red berries, hints of vanilla with subtle spicy oak aromas.


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  • Wildcraft’s rich and buttery mouthfeel (texture) perfectly supports the underlying citrus notes. Wintery warmth is added with the slighted hint of toasted spice.


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