A view of the Benguela Cove estate

Benguela Cove Estate

Benguela Cove is a leading producer and wine destination, at the start of South Africa’s Hermanus Wine Route. Discover and enjoy the finest award-winning wines from our quality vineyards.

Benguela Cove’s vineyards benefit from the unique conditions of the estate’s location at the ocean’s edge, on the southern coast of South Africa. The south-easterly sea breeze is chilled by the Benguela Current flowing up from Antarctica, to cool the grapes at night after the warm summer days, irrigated by above-average rainfall, for perfect viniculture.

The vineyards are planted on the exposed cooler slopes of the estate and on top where there is wind. Our vineyards protect the housing development, while vineyards planted along the main road hides the residential development ensuring complete privacy.

The proximity of our vineyards to the sea and the unique slightly windy conditions shorten the shoots of the vines and make the berries and leaves smaller, thereby increasing the quality of the grapes produced. Our terroir is clay and calcium rich and there are very few farms like this in South Africa.

It is the epitome of luxury living and this fully functional wine farm has already produced multiple award-winning wines. Residents on the estate get an allocation of wine every year and at full production this will work out to be a case of wine per month (a very nice perk to have). This leads to residents having a sense of ownership without being liable or responsible for the farm. This is their wine farm in the Cape.

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