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  • Dekker’s Valley revelation 2017
    Smooth and Fruity and one of our most popular wines for easy, everyday drinking!


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  • Painted-Wolf-Shiraz-2018
    Den Shiraz 2018
    Spicy black cherry and black berry fruit, chewy savoury mid palate and evident wood flavors.

    Den Shiraz 2018


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  • KWV-Shiraz-2018
    KWV Classic Collection Shiraz 2018
    Lovely aromas of raspberries and black cherries with notes of dark chocolate, and soft velvety smoky oak nuanced flavours.


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  • KWV Perold Tributum 2013
    Layers of candy floss, cherries and plums with hints of white pepper on the nose. On the palate the structure of silky, smooth  tannins between fruit and oak integration.

    KWV Perold Tributum 2013


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  • Mellasat-Vineyards-Tempranillo-2016
    Mellasat Tempranillo 2017
    Cigar box aroma leading to marinated cherry and autumn blackberry on the palate. It has a long finish and balanced back bone of tannin and structure.


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  • Saluez-Le-Saboteur-2015-Unleashed
    Saboteur 2016 Red Blend
    Black and red fruit, fynbos, garrigue scrubland, all spice and a hint of toasty wood. Dark juicy fruit on the palate, Broad, spicy cherries and red fruit.


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  • Seven-Springs-Syrah
    Seven Springs Syrah 2014
    Aromas of black currants, plums and cherries and a hint of smokiness. An undertone of dark and decadent chocolate can be detected as well as firm oak, cinnamon and cloves.


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  • Tanagra-Shiraz-Vintage-2015
    Tanagra Shiraz 2017
    Rich fruit and earthy spice yet elegant wine with excellent structure. Rich and long lasting finish with gentle ripe tannin.

    Tanagra Shiraz 2017
    Tanagra Shiraz 2017


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