Apricot Eau de Vie


Tanagra’s Apricot Eau de Vie, a delicate apricot bouquet with a hint of almond. Soft and fresh


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TANAGRA – European style Eau de Vie, Marc & Liqueurs now from South Africa and sold in the UK

It was Robert’s pioneering idea to bring a 200 litre still when moving from Germany to Tanagra – a copper pot still combined with a shiny stainless steel column. This combination allows to distill a purer yield in a single process, resulting in very refined spirits.


The idea was to introduce spirits that have been part of Robert & Anette’s culture back in Germany to their new home in South Africa. The combination of German technology & know-how and South African base products produces stylish Marc (what the Italians call Grappa and the Germans Trester), Eau de Vie (Fruit Spirit & Hefebrand (wine lees spirit)) and Fruit Liqueur.


Our motto is ‘klein aber fein’ (which can be freely translated into ‘small but exquisite’). Not an industrially made mass product but handcrafted spirits made with care and only from the best and freshest local products.


TANAGRA is an idyllic wine farm close to McGregor and part of the Robertson Wine Route and Route 62. We offer comfortable accommodation in well appointed guest cottages, and produce handcrafted wines in a boutique wine cellar and stylish Grappa and Eau de Vie in our boutique distillery. An old wild fig tree gave the farm its name, ‘Tanagra’ – it echoes the Khoisan expression for a well-shaded place. This giant tree canopies the historic homestead and winery, providing welcoming shade during the hot days of summer.


Tanagra’s Apricot Eau de Vie, a delicate apricot bouquet with a hint of almond. Soft and fresh.


TANAGRA Apricot Eau de Vie

  • Made in 2016 from locally sourced (McGregor) Bulida apricots that were picked at optimal ripeness.
  • Fermentation of mashed fruit (including the pips) over a period of 2 – 3 weeks
  • Removal of pips and then slow & careful double distillation with our combined pot/column still
  • Gradual dilution with water over a period of 3 – 4 months to bottling strength
  • Delicate apricot bouquet with a hint of almond. Soft and fresh.
  • 43 % Alc.
  • 500 ml bottle
  • Number of bottles made: 400


How to enjoy?

• Best enjoyed as a Digestif after supper, either on its own or with an
Espresso or Coffee
• Pairs nicely with dessert, too, especially any dessert with apricots or
• Best served at room temperature
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