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Our events are built around South African culture with the focus on wine, stories and food. Although not all events can incorporate all these elements we hope to add what we can to make any event memorable. 

Perold Wine Cellar specialise in providing fun tasting events and collaborations with some amazing partners.

Events fall into one of three categories: 


An insightful and fun wine tasting event at one of our fantastic partner venues. 


Storytelling are more fun with wine and we have a provisional Storyteller and his stories pairs perfectly with wine. 


Working with partners to provide unique high-end but accessible dining experiences, bringing great food and great wine together to talk about wine in a fun and informative way.

Our wine tastings, whether private or corporate are bespoke to your needs, so get in touch so that we can help create the event you have in mind. 

Our Next & Past Events: 

We look forward to learning about what kind of events you have in mind and how we can assist. Whether in a corporate setting, team building, a friends’ night out, a hen party, charity or anything in between.

Get in touch with Gerhard and let’s help you create memories around wine, story and food.

Also make sure to keep an eye on our regular blogs around wine, food and stories.

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