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  • Benguela-Cove---Pinot-Noir---2018
    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018
    Upfront red fruits, mulberry, rosehip and violets. This wine will unveil a more savoury play of bay leaf and thyme, hinting towards an Old Word style.

    Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2018

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  • Beaumont’s Pinotage 2017
    Intensely fruited red wine with ample dark berry and cherry character

    Beaumont’s Pinotage 2017


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  • KWV-Shiraz-2018
    KWV Classic Collection Shiraz 2018
    Lovely aromas of raspberries and black cherries with notes of dark chocolate, and soft velvety smoky oak nuanced flavours.


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  • KWV Classic Petit Verdot
    Aromas of dark cherries, plums with hints of liquorice and dark chocolate. The palate of fruit cake and Turkish delight.


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  • KWV Mentors Cabernet Franc
    Aromas of spice, pencil shavings and dark cherries. A silky soft finish with powdery tannins.

    KWV Mentors Cabernet Franc


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  • Floral-&-Fragrant-01
    Elegant aromas and flavours of pineapple, apricot and fresh green apple. Zippy, honeyed, lingering finish.



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  • KWV Mentors Petit Verdot 2017
    Intense nose with cranberries, floral notes and sweet spice followed by black olives and aniseed.

    KWV Mentors Petit Verdot 2017
    KWV Mentors Petit Verdot 2017


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  • Painted-Wolf-Paarl-Roussanne-2015
    Citrus, white peach and creamy aromas. The wine has a lovely texture with a long finish and fresh acid keeping it vivacious and vibrant.

    Painted Wolf Roussanne-Paarl 2018


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  • Floral-&-Fragrant-01
    Aromas of peaches and cream with hints of salty earthiness

    Painted Wolf Lycaon Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2019


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  • Painted-Wolf-Chenin-blanc-2019
    Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc 2019
    Soft, peach, lemon and guava with an underlying savoury minerality and a whisper of wood. A layered finish with bright acidity keeping it fresh and vibrant.

    Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc 2019


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  • Peter-Bayly-Cape-Late-Bottled-Vintage-2008
    Peter Bayly Cape Late Bottled Vintage 2008
    Bright mulling spice, brandied cherry, prune, molasses and fynbos aromas.  The palate is lusciously smooth with gentle warming spirit.


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  • Peter Bayly Cape Vintage Port 2010
    Aromas of black hedgerow fruits, plum, “fynbos”, mulling spices and undertones of new leather, cacao, liquorice and brandied apricots.


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